Thinking about independence since it is the Fourth of July. Over the centuries it is amusing how close the United States has become with the United Kingdom (descendant of Great Britain). So much so that both the President of the United States and a candidate for the job both travel to the UK and talk about how… Continue reading Independence


Schrödinger’s Cat is one of my favorite thought experiments. I tend not to think of things and black-and-white or not even in shades of gray but as simultaneously both. Well, I used to call things as having shades of gray until I realized that was wrong. I sometimes still make that error. The better I understand… Continue reading Nebulous

Resolution Progress 2016: First Half

Here is an update on my progress for each resolution at the midpoint of the year. Read 75 books. Half is 37.5 and I have read 37. Not far off schedule. Hit 25,000 pages. Half is 12,500 and I have read 11,860 which puts me 640 behind, which is about a whole book. Finish series already started. 24 of the… Continue reading Resolution Progress 2016: First Half