Restore Chrome New Tab Tiles

Occasionally I accidentally remove one of the tiles from Chrome’s New Tab. I try to live with it, but after about a week the annoyance at the situation becomes too great. There IS AN UNDO, but once you click away from the page it is no longer an option. I did click the undo link this last time, but it did not restore the one I inadvertently removed.

So then I end up looking for how to restore them all. Since I have had to do this twice, to save myself time in the future:

    1. Click the menu. (Upper right three lines.)
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Open the Advanced.
    4. Click the “Clear browsing data…” button.
    5. Check “Download history”. (Uncheck everything else.)
    6. Click “Clear browsing data” button.

That should restore all the tiles. It is sad there is no view of all the removed ones to pick and choose which to allow back.

Regarding #5, picking other options like cookies could make one have to re-login to accounts.

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