Resolution Progress 2016: First Quarter


  1. Read 75 books. I should be at 18.75 read by this point. So, 18 is pretty good.
    1. Hit 25,000 pages. I should be at 6,250 pages read, so my 6,270 is on pace.
    2. Finish series already started. I finished the Millennium series (one book) and make progress on both the Robot and Expanse series (4 + 3 books). Just 16 to go.
  2. Lifting.
    1. Bench 240 pounds (1RM equivalent). Hitting about 180.83 according to the app’s numbers. Doing a real 1 rep max in January, I hit 165. After this, I lowered the weight and am building back up, so at this point lower than the 192 calculated I was prior.
    2. Squat 300 pounds (1RM eq). Hitting about 250.83 according to the app. Doing a 1 rep max in January, I hit 245. Same as bench, I’ve caught back up to where I was at start of the year.
    3. Deadlift 335 pounds (1RM eq). Hitting about 294 according to the app. Doing a 1 rep max in January, I hit 325. Same as bench, I’ve caught back up to where I was at start of the year.
  3. Drop to 20% body fat. No progress.
  4. Do the White and Orange trails in under an hour. I did manage to bring this down to one hour 4 minutes 8 seconds. Since the weather is warmer, I will give it a few more goes to see if I can manage it. The challenge is this is a hilly area and not to lose too much pace going up. I tried running up and that was not working very well, so will do more letting gravity do its thing.
  5. Attend 12 social events when invited. I skipped one and will attend one. So par? I’m even planning to host one which ought to count for like 5.


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