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Loud and Proud

I realize I live in the great echo chamber. Most people I know live in the United States. Therefore, the political talk I hear is of the US. Because of friends in England, I hear some of the politics there. Other countries election issues come from news sources like the BBC or NPR.

The ever lengthening election cycle seems rather stupid.

  1. First impressions matter more than an opinion on every topic, an answer for every question, or every baby kissed. Naturally voters do not think this is the case. But they have pretty much decided after 15 seconds of seeing the candidate.
  2. All these speeches are good for those cities with convention centers, stadiums, and society groups. The candidates will give so many of them they will become tired and overworked versions appropriate for the best cross-section of likely voters stripped of any real meaning.
  3. The armies of spies circle like vultures and strip the candidates of any value. They seek every secret and gaffe.

Other countries must look at this circus and uproariously laugh at us. Billions wasted to change already set minds. Candidates embarrassing themselves, their parties, and our society. Impossible promises made to say anything to win. And the voters knowing that 99% of all this is bullshit.

Our best efforts at treaties and agreements stalled or languishing because what is the point of making one with the current president when he could be replaced by one of the many crazy people calling for unacceptable terms and promising not to honor it?

Enemies can point to statements made by hawkish candidates as justification for their behavior.

Personally, I think the first primary should be the first Tuesday after July 4th and the parties holding their conventions the last week of August. Then the three debates the last week of September and second week of October. Candidates should not be allowed to start campaigning until the first of June. Maybe they can register prior, but meh.

Maybe the requirement to register in every state should be fixed for this plan to work? Dunno.

(Yes, I know the title was misleading some of you to think this was a gay pride post. Sorry. Not sorry.)






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  1. Frances Polk Robson Avatar
    Frances Polk Robson

    You have expressed many of my thoughts and I like your suggestions for the election. It is a circus and I dislike the process. Thanks.

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