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RollCall For The Helicopter Child

The AJC had an interesting article about RollCall Safety Text, an app which automates “I’m OK” messages for loved ones. Failing to get such a message lets someone know something might be wrong. The intended audience is for kids off at college to send these to parents. There is a note near the bottom:

While the app came about with college students in mind, Thomas says it can also be useful to people who have family members whom they don’t see or hear from daily.

This fits my situation with my parents. I guess that makes me a helicopter child. (OK that’s hyperbolic.) Both are pretty independent and quite capable. But, if something were to happen, then it very well could be a long time before someone noticed. I’m reminded of a great-aunt who had a stroke and no one knew until her neighbors noticed her in the yard.

At present I kind of already have this as one of them is on Facebook and likes pretty much everything (I think more to indicate it has been read than an actual indication of liking it). Seeing these on my posts is my equivalent of RollCall. And yes, I did call this parent once when I realized I had not seen anything in a few days.

The other? Yeah, it might be good to have something like RollCall.






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