Resolution Progress 2013: End

  1. Read 52 books. Today, at the end of the year, I should be at 52 books read. I reached that point back on October 18th. My total for the year is 67.
  2. Post 180 blog entries. Today, at the end of the year, I should be at 180 blog posts published.  This post makes 186. So I made the goal. (This blog had 140 of the posts. The other 46 came from five other blogs.)
  3. A dSLR photograph a week. Pretty much gave up at the first quarter.

A friend, Heather, dislikes annual goals because achieving them is over too long a span. The span is too difficult to judge what is appropriate. We get distracted and ease off schedule so that we are in a rush to keep on it. I thought something a week would solve that problem. Obviously not with number three. And number two almost completely fell apart until I rescued it at the end.

So I could have easily doubled my blog entries for the year as I managed 71 in just the third quarter alone. That indicates a capability of around 280 a year. I just found myself distracted and not doing it.


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