Amazon Cloud Player Confusion

When I hit the play/pause button the keyboard, a completely different song starts playing while the one I wanted to stop pauses. I kept hitting the button and listening to them alternate back and forth. Very odd behavior until I figured it out.

Apparently both my normal MP3 player software and Amazon Cloud Player (ACP) are aware of the play/pause button on my keyboard which I use to start or stop the music. Probably I was playing my normal MP3 player and hit pause, which paused it and started ACP.

Amazon had a $5 album sale, so I bought a few. They push their Cloud Player software as the method to download the MP3 files to my computer. I’ve given up trying to fight it.

But maybe that was mistake.

Amazon really wants me to use their software for my player. But I really do not want to use it. I only ever have it running when it launches to download songs. I usually immediately close it after that.

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