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Almost Foiled by Facebook

A coworker asked me how long a certain song was playing in the lobby. I responded that I posted about it on Facebook and can find out from that.

Only I could not find it. I went to my page and hit End until I was too far back in time. Then I used the browser search to look for keywords. Nothing. More keywords. Other songs I about which I recalled getting lots of comments. Nothing.

Then I remembered Facebook defaults to showing Highlights. I had to change it to All Stories and do it again. That worked.

It is like they do not want us to be able to find anything.

Graph Search is okay. What would really be nice is being able to find that specific status update I want to reference. Maybe I need to go find a more archivist centric social network?





2 responses to “Almost Foiled by Facebook”

  1. Solomon Key Avatar
    Solomon Key

    Google? 🙂

    1. Ezra S F Avatar

      Google+ is much better searching wise, yeah. Trick is, to put my name in the search to narrow it down to my own.

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