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LMS Brackets

I don’t really follow basketball. So, it is odd that I even registered this tweet from Dennis Kavelman, @dkavelman:

Dennis Kavelman  Team D2L has 4 schools in sweet sixteen! Go #marquette, #arizona, #msu, #osu! @desire2learn

He is excited because four universities who are clients of his company are in the major NCAA basketball championship contest. If only four are Deseire2Learn customers, then that means the other twelve are not. That made me wonder what are the Learning Management Systems used by these sixteen schools?

    1. Louisville : Blackboard
    2. Oregon : Blackboard
    3. Michigan State : D2L
    4. Duke : Sakai
    5. Wichita State : Blackboard
    6. La Salle : Blackboard
    7. Arizona : D2L
    8. Ohio State : D2L
    9. Kansas : Blackboard
    10. Michigan : Sakai
    11. Florida : Sakai
    12. Florida Gulf Coast : Angel (Blackboard) and Canvas in 39 days
    13. Indiana : Sakai
    14. Syracuse : Blackboard
    15. Marquette : D2L
    16. Miami (FL) : Blackboard

Looks like the breakdown is:

Blackboard 8
Desire2Learn: 4
Sakai: 4

This is an interesting grouping. I kind of knew Sakai tended to be the product of choice for well off schools with the money to spend on customization. So, schools with strong athletics probably are more likely to have something like Sakai. Of course, I expect Canvas to be better represented too as it is hot of late. While Moodle tends to be favored by really small schools without a budget, I still figured it would have some representation (really just FGCU).

Which LMSes will be involved with those in the Final Four?


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  1. Kenneth Mayer Avatar
    Kenneth Mayer

    Thanks for this–we are considering switching from Blackboard to D2L and I came upon your blog. Actually came across it looking for help in crafting calls to BB api, but saw you switched from bb to d2l. Great post!

    1. Ezra S F Avatar

      Thanks. It is encouraging when people like something enough to leave a positive comment.

      We reached the recommendation about 2 years ago. We started the migration Dec 2011. The first schools went live August 2012. Most schools went live January 2013. We still have a few stragglers who will join us over the next year or so.

      If you do go D2L and go the self-hosting route, then get your DB/OS admins in touch with me. We have some lessons learned. 😀

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