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Goodreads Reading Challenge

The reading challenge renewed my interest in Goodreads. Before they started them a couple years ago, I had already started tracking them here on this blog. I just was not very consistent about it. Goodreads became a good place to make links to direct people looking for more information about the book. But it meant searching for the book, copying and pasting information, to build the page, and easily making mistakes.

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Ezra has
read 0 books toward his goal of 52 books.



Just by marking books as read in the Currently Reading block on the home page, the books get that finished date which counts for the challenge. I was already marking books as currently reading and read, there was no change to my workflow. Instead of constantly copying information to my reading page, once a quarter when I do a progress review, I can easily figure out what books I read.

I also usually have 3-5 books going at any one time. Crazy, I know. But that is me.

Ezra’s currently-reading book montage

Reaper's Gale
Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales
Twenty Years After

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