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Resolutions 2013


    1. Read 52 books. In 2012, I read 55. In 2011, I read 56. Both were over 21,000 pages. (Reference) Unlike prior years, I do not think I am going to state specific kinds of books to read or come up with a list beforehand. Though, I have started a list for 2013.
    2. Post 180 blog entries. Yes, this is smaller number than last year’s goal. However, I only managed 143, so maybe this is a more realistic goal.
    3. A dSLR photograph a week. My new point-n-click is better than my dSLR except for the glass. I should take more photos.

Normal resolutions like lose weight, eat healthier, etc. are not for me. The reality is the last place I ever want to be is in a gym. Walking short distances is okay at times, but even when it can keep me from excruciating pain, I am too lazy to consistently do it. I tend to eat okay as it is and better takes away the things I enjoy.






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  1. oakritchie Avatar

    Hmmm…you’ve made me aware that such goal-setting has been off my radar for the renewal of the Gregorian year…I shall work on some…

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