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Resolution Progress 2012: End

Today is the last day of the year, so where am I with those 2012 goals?

  1. Reading goals should be at 100%:
    1. Complete unfinished novel series. 23.1 of 28 done or 82.5%. So I missed.
    2. American History and Decision Making. 10 of 10 done or 100%. So done.
    3. Science. 13 of 13 done or 100%. So done.
    4. Read 50 books. I have read 54 of 50 or 108%. So done.
  2. Publish an average of four blog posts a week. This post makes 143 of 208. That is 69%. So I missed by a long shot.

I guess three of four on the reading goals is not bad. The Book of the Malazan series page-wise is about a long as Harry Potter twice over and only counts as 9 books. Over the year I only got through five of them. The Wicked series was so terrible, I just could not bring myself to finish.

Back in the first quarter on blogging, I was a bit ahead. Then life happened. A death in family was the first interruption. Then my brain became overwhelmed with work. Organizing my thoughts enough to blog became difficult.

Looking at the blog’s stats, I was getting way more traffic in the beginning of the year with three 600+ pageview pages in January. Here in December, none peaked over 150 pageviews. Maybe if I post more and comment more on others, then I can boost traffic?







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