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High Traffic Area Lately I have come to appreciate web sites that let me visit without connecting to Facebook. The sites asking me to connect use the same technology for the extremely annoying advertisements that disable doing anything on the web site until I figure out how to close it. Or lately, this technology is used to make me download the app. Maybe if they were more subtle?

The places I want my friends to follow my online activity outside of Facebook are Flickr and Goodreads. I enjoy talking about books and photography, so those drifting into Facebook has been a positive thing.

I really do not want other people knowing what political news I am reading. I tend to read both conservative and liberal viewpoints. Back in college, I definitely would have appreciated people challenging my views so that I could turn their arguments against them. Now days, I just want to consume in peace and make up my own mind. Well, there are a few people I don’t mind the discussions, but I know them well enough to almost anticipate what they are going write before they do so.

Maybe if a science news site asked, then I would not mind. That is something I would not mind giving more exposure by posting on my behalf that I intended to read.

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