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Scrambls encrypts social media posts and lets users specify exactly who can see them, across all social media sites. The user can form groups from friends and family, going as broad as everyone with a Gmail account down to a specific colleague or even those who know a certain password. Everyone else (including the social media site itself) will only see a series of random numbers and symbols, keeping content private and secure.

From 7 steps to social media stardom.

The article points out a problem is the readers have to be users. So enough people in each user’s social network needs to join for it to become useful.

Far more serious potential problems…

    1. Should your encryption key(s) get deleted, corrupted, etc. Will you lose access to your posts?
    2. When this service disappears through bankruptcy, buy-out by AOL, or the FBI shuts down their servers because terrorists encrypt their posts, then will every user loses access to their own and friend’s posts?






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