Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

In Real Life

Context matters. The current environment is assumed, so other contexts must be specified.

Online conversations eventually will reference, “In Real Life.” We have corporeal bodies. At least, that is the common sense, much like the world is flat, children are miniature adults, and males are only rational. What we sense is not the data, but the interpretation of that data by our brains. Our brains would be overwhelmed by the volume of what we sense data.

It amuses me that going involving ourselves with virtual environments is a way to ignore even more of the data coming from the world. While in them, they can feel like the real life. We make sure to call them not real so others do not worry about us. We refer to the illusion of our senses real so people do not think we prefer the virtual illusions. Or even worse, that they think we are addicted to the virtual life.


For some reason, I had this photo set as private. Made it public to post here.





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