Resolutions 2012

The reading list went pretty well last year. The only problem is it made me buy a bunch of books. Inventorying my books (thanks to the Goodreads app) made me aware I own a ton of books I ought to read. So this years goals are books I already have.

    1. Reading goals:
      1. Complete unfinished novel series. The Malazan Book of the Fallen is mostly a loaner from a coworker. The Wicked Years series is all a loaner from another coworker. I have not read A Song of Ice and Fire in almost a decade, so I’ll go back and read the first four before I read book 5.
      2. American History and Decision Making. We have a primaries and major elections this year. Figure these would be good for keeping in mind to make a good choice.
      3. Science. I like tech.
    2. Publish an average of four blog posts a week. In 2011, I published 156 posts. Four a week would be 208. That will be more than 1 every other day. Private posts will not count.

Yeah, I still avoid things I think are too hard like losing weight, fixing my finances, dating, or anything really meaningful.

Old resolutions: 2011, 2010, 2009.








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