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Google Needs a -1

Did a search for “behavioral economics phd” and looked at a site that put some for-profit Master’s at the top of the list. Going through its “Perfect School Match”, it does not have behavioral economics PhD listed. The closest is applied economics at all for-profits. Lame. Useless.

Went back to the list and noticed the +1 icon. Staring at it for a couple seconds, I realized even if I +1’d a page I liked, my visit to this crappy site helped it. Some other better site got screwed from being helpful to me and others.

If +1s or visits help a site’s search engine optimization, then we need to be able to -1 or cancel our visit so malicious sites do not benefit. Or… Provide better information about a site so I do not visit it.

A -1 button is like a Dislike button for Facebook: very unlikely to happen.





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