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Unintended Consequence of Ads

My Internet Service Provider spams me about deals. Requests not to receive phone calls or emails have no effect. (I love Google Voice because I have their number on a no ring list for their robocalls.) They send emails weekly about deals I should take to pay them more than I am. Usually I delete the emails without thought. However, when I am trying to use it and the web mail takes three minutes to load like every I accessed recently on the Internet, this email about a deal makes me think…

If I stop paying you anything, then that is the best deal of all.

Not sure if this is fortunate or unfortunate, I try not make decisions when frustrated. That negative emotional state leads me to attentional bias to predict that if I stay, then constant poor performance will annoy me all the time. The reality is occasional.

Still. Frustrating.

This is how our clients feel when performance problems both of our ability to resolve and some outside something (ISPs, networks, client computers) cause.



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  1. Ezra S F Avatar

    Playing with http://speedtest.net/ and with spaced about three minutes apart, it found 1.1Mbps down, 8Mbps down, 1.2Mbps down, and 9Mbps. In all four cases the up speed did not complete.

    This would be my problem.

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