Netflix Wired Better

When I initially setup my Wii to use wireless, I recall information about wireless being not as good as wired. I ignored it because really I did not plan to game online. Even with Netflix, I figured it ought to work fine because the wireless speeds on my laptop allow me to watch videos without issue.

Boy, was I wrong.

The interrupts were intermittent. Sometimes I could watch an hour without interruption. Other times, it could barely go five minutes. At first, I doubted the wireless was the cause because of the issue was not consistent and the WiFi analyzer in my phone . When I gave in to the wireless, I thought perhaps I could resolve it. I decided the line of sight between the router and Wii went through a wall part of the length, so I moved both devices to improve it. This reduced the frequency of the interruptions somewhat. Boosting the signal did not help much if at all. I still had two walls between the router and the Wii, so I decided one or none might be an improvement.

Unfortunately, only two Internet outlets are hot and none are in the room with the Wii. So I would need some Ethernet cables. I ended up getting 25 feet to move the router into living room and keep the modem in the office. A 30 foot cable to connect the router with the minitower in the office. (Already had 25 feet to go to the other minitower.) Finally a 100 foot cable from the living room to the Wii plus an Ethernet to USB adapter that plugs into the Wii.

In the 6 hours of watching I have done over this, I have not had a single interruption of a show.

Yeah, so it was me not Netflix. At least I am happier now. Now if they would offer everything in my DVD queue on streaming.






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  1. Tim Avatar

    How much better is Netflix from your local videosotre and is there soemthing better?

  2. Ezra S F Avatar

    Starting around 2003, I more often found movies of interest in physical stores on the for sale shelves than the rent shelves. Looking for movies and shows online, yielded better results as well. That is what hurt Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and Video Warehouse.

    Once I got a mailbox, renting through Netflix was perfect for me. Once it added streaming on something other than Windows even more so.

    I love it.

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