The Missing Speaker

I read this bit about keeping a low profile and did a bit of math in my head and realized I had an almost decade long gap in my recall of who was Speaker of the House. I knew Newt Gingrich was out around 1999. I also knew Nancy Pelosi was in around 2007.

Most tellingly, Boehner has avoided the trap set that ensnared his predecessor, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, by maintaining a determinedly low profile in the media.

Dennis Hastert was the previous Republican Speaker of the House. Like, Boehner, Hastert served in opposition to a Democratic President (Bill Clinton 1999-2001). Boehner is not keeping that low a profile if the news media talks about him almost every day. Hastert kept a low profile to not be remembered. One would think the Speaker of the House during the impeachment of the President would overshadow New Gingrich?

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