Aspiring to a Billion Pageviews

Read this in an article about Reddit,

But is still one of the internet’s most popular sites with over a billion pageviews a month.

I realize a billion is a big number, but I figured even GeorgiaVIEW could be getting half a billion pageviews a month. January 15th to February 14th (our peak 30 day period), we did about 774 million pageviews. In the last 30 days we did about 600 million while some kids are on spring break (sic?).

There must be online learning systems larger than us like University of Phoenix (500,000 students). If they are comparable to us in the amount of online usage they have, then they could be doing over a billion pageviews. UoP is about 60% larger than us, so they should cross over into the Reddit range.

Surely software as a service online learnings sites like Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Pearson Learning Studio, Unicon, and Moodlerooms push more than a billion pageviews?

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