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My Oscar Picks

Yesterday I went to the second day of the AMC Best Picture Showcase which shows the Academy Award nominations for Best Picture. The Colonial 18 in Lawrenceville hosted the event. The Saturday prior I also went with a friend. The movies I really liked ranked from best down are:

  1. The King’s Speech
  2. The Social Network
  3. True Grit
  4. Inception

The first three I had already seen and looked forward to seeing again. The last one I probably will watch a second time. The rest were good movies, but I probably would not miss only seeing them only once. The exception is Black Swan. I wish I had never seen it. Of course, I hate psychological thrillers.

Personally, I think ten nominations are too many. Maybe it is just me, but I have trouble remember all ten. Five I can remember. Typically I falter at around the eighth movie and only a cue from someone else helps me remember the others.

Appendage damage appeared to be a theme. Several movies involved arms, fingers, legs getting dismembered or at the least broken. (As Amy said, “Mr. Potatohead does not count.”) Aron and Mattie lose their arms. Mickey has his hand broken by the police. Nina breaks toes and fingers. Laser’s friend breaks his arm in skateboarding off the room.





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    Heh. I got it right.

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