Download Facebook Content

Facebook offers a zip file of our content. The help information explains,

Having a copy of your information — whether that is on Facebook or any other service on the web — is an important part of controlling what you share.

In addition, downloading a copy of your information may come in handy if it only exists on Facebook. For example, you may have lost your mobile phone, which contained many photos you took using that phone. If you had uploaded those photos to Facebook, then downloading your information lets you get copies of them back on to your computer.

The process of getting the file is easy-ish. Just go to Accounts > Account Settings > Download Your Information “learn more” > Download button. Wait for the email with a link. Enter your password.

The zip file has an index.html file. This index page is just a redirect to the profile page. Links on the left navigation bar include Profile, Wall, Photos, Videos, Friends, Notes, Events, and Messages.

ANNOYING: It looks to me like the download misses content I posted on the walls of other users. Comments to wall posts were added in 2008, so prior to then, a common way to converse was posting on each other’s walls. If I only have those posted on my wall, then I only have half the conversation. Is the content I post on another person’s wall no longer “what I share” or “my information”?

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