From Chalk To Bytes: The Digital Classroom

My favorite quotes:

  1. “[Blackboard is] a one-stop shop where students can come and get absolutely any access to me, any access to the teaching assistants.” — Philip Wirtz
  2. “[Open source] classroom management systems [like Sakai and Moodle] are becoming increasingly popular because they allow schools to adapt the software to meet their needs.”
  3. “Even though Blackboard continues to grow through acquisitions, Klopfer says the company could face competition from Google in the collegiate market.”

It would have been good to have more points of view such as from schools using open source products. At least they were not completely ignored.

The Google angle seems more of a stretch. There is no reason why the existing Google Apps for Education or other similar cloud tools could not not be used for the purpose of interacting with students. Reasons for why not to do so depend on distrust of the cloud.

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