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Non-Secure Content

Apparently designers are embedding video from external sources in our Vista 8 environment. Internet Explorer complains when elements of a secure page reference non-secure elements. In this case, CE/Vista has the secure page. The embedded video is a non-secure element. At best the IE complaint is to prompt the user to pick whether to view the non-secure element. At worst, it just refuses to show the page and shows “Navigation cancelled”.

The possibilities are:

  1. Browser: Use a different one which doesn’t complain.
  2. Settings: When it comes to security settings, I’m hesitant to recommend thousands of users change them without being extremely sure doing so is safe. Seems to me having it ignore the issue exposes users to danger. Rumor is also Windows Updates can revert the settings back to defaults.
  3. Content: Change how the content is delivered to avoid the issue.

The content is being put inside HTML files rather than using the Web Link tool to open a new window with the video. Even using a Web Link tool to show the content inside the same window causes the IE complaint.

All three will cause a ton of work to address the issues. In my opinion wrangling designers ought to require the least amount of work of the three. Though I guess that would depend on the popularity of IE and neediness of the users.






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