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NRA Poll

The National Rifle Association needs better pollsters. It might help to keep off the list people who are going to analyze your question for how it might be used and provide an answer just to be contrarian.

An “Andy Bush” (I think that was the name) asked in a phone poll:

Do you think 3rd world dictatorships and Hillary Clinton should determine US gun rights?

Apparently I was supposed to forget their own VP Wayne LaPierre in a recorded message (portrayed as live) described the United Nations as a bunch of 3rd world dictators. LaPierre has for years claimed the UN deliberations about buying the illicit arms in African war torn areas somehow means taking American firearms but omitted anything about Africa from his message. Shame on me for being well read to know the background information so as to not be completely swayed by the spin. In the recorded message he also described the United States Congress as willing to hand our country over to the dictators. (Whatever that means.)

This message and question are deliberately framed the so the only possible answer is “No.” At the time I could not see this question as possibly being shown in any publication as anyone would dismiss the question as so completely skewed the results are meaningless.

Such an attempt to manipulate me annoyed me, so I answered “Yes” just to waste as much of their time as they did mine. Andy Bush sounded confused when he asked me if I said “Yes”. He asked if I wanted to change my mind.

Next time ask me a legitimate question to get an real answer.






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  1. oldfolkie Avatar

    I was called with such an NRA poll this afternoon. When I told the woman that I was staunchly pro-gun control and my wife, an ex-member of the NRA, was totally disgusted by the positions and tactics of the NRA, I was then informed that I wasn’t going to actually take the poll, but rather listen to a tape describing the U.N.’s attempt to ban guns in the United States. I then went into a bit of a rant. A huge rant, actually. I realize that the pollster/propaganeer was most likely just some kid trying to earn her college tuition or get enough money to pay for some minimal health insurance. But, if you call me on a Saturday afternoon and try to feed me bullshit, you’d better be ready to have the plate thrown back in your face.

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