Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Awful Chatter

Seems to me when involved in an IM chat with someone who sends 10 one line messages back to back, the purpose is to give me time to read already sent messages while typing the next. Apparently I wait for indications the other person has stopped typing before I even start to read what they have written. Why read a message when I know the other party is about to send something else? I can read both in a couple seconds. Waiting for the next is also a waste, especially when another is going to come on the heels of the second one.

Is my approach okay Netiquette? Am I a bad person for ignoring my friends and coworkers?

Apparently, these people posting several messages back to back violate the “Give time to respond.” rule of IM etiquette. Who tells people, “Hey, give me time to respond!” anyway? Maybe with more tact….






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