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  • 09:16 @lgekeler LOL Nope. They don't. Win the legal battle to lose the public opinion war. #
  • 09:56 Another coworker was asked for the most active month and day of the year. This is harder now we have 4 sources. So, now they want for each? #
  • 10:35 The busiest month had 399,284,725 hits (Sep 2007). The busiest day had 21,163,157 hits (Jan 14, 2008). Busiest day not in same month. Odd? #
  • 11:47 Am I on the wrong Bb email lists? No gnashing or signs of support over the Blackboard v. D2L patent case. Strangely quiet. #
  • 12:34 Ah! we had to wait for British Columbia to wake up. There is the first post about Bb v D2L. #
  • 14:26 Blargh. Unequal sizes all around for being in sync… Partition size, amount used, amount available… #
  • 14:32 I can't wait until we get the request to host a Second Life world. Higher education loves the toys. #
  • 15:15 @dgcombs Adobe AIR is mostly harmless. I've heard it can cause performance issues, but I have not seen it? #
  • 17:13 No X Forwarding testing for me… Can't find xdaliclock, xclock, or xcalc…. #
  • 20:34 Made up word of the day… anaferology #
  • 23:01 Didn't like the WP Now Reading widget. Like LibraryThing but not widget. So… I created a page… …Easy / complete #

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