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  • 09:38 Polar bears are confusing scientists into thinking global warming (and previously global cooling) are real problems. Always the polar bears! #
  • 09:50 @arfore Nice running start! You might check out iconfactory.com/software/twitterrific or www.twhirl.org/ #
  • 10:26 Writing a wiki article on deleted objects (persons, lcs, roles). What we can find in database and logs with queries we can use. #
  • 13:11 GH rejected ideas: 1) ask users to close the browser if transact takes > 2 min, 2) have load bal intercept same trans 5 min later. #
  • 14:42 @aawilliams Close your eyes! Don't let it brainwash you! #
  • 15:15 "I am interested in a name that eludes to the purpose of the environment." I agree names should ALWAYS avoid the purpose! #
  • 16:09 2007 is soooo last year… So why I am still typing it? #
  • 16:45 What does the girl's name "Spring" mean? 1) the season, 2) a high jumper, 3) or is the kid is squishy? Shouldn't her daughter be Summer? #
  • 16:47 @dgcombs considering the etymology of the name Symposium… well… yeah, it is trouble. #
  • 21:52 Sorry, I don't trust the people who try to stop me for help downtown. I watched my uncle play the just out of the hospital con at 11… #
  • 21:55 I'm callous… heartless… a jerk… and twitchy. Don't touch me! It makes me look around to get a cop. #
  • 23:37 What is your Googley-eyed clam? #

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