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  • 20:55 Darts season starts tomorrow. Last I played the year was 2007 (and I stunk). #
  • 21:01 Sweet… This looks just like Sasquatch but taken by the Spirit rover on Mars?!?! … #
  • 11:02 Ugh… Intcomp 8 from SungardHE probably will break integration. Sounds like testing will happen end of the month. #
  • 11:16 Interesting phrasing: "…[T]hose who risked turning visibility into exposure by answering questions about their presentations." #
  • 16:22 PowerArchiver is not extracting a tar.gz. It shows the content in the GUI. I just cannot get to the files. Arrrrgh!! #
  • 17:28 I have a couple hours to get dinner and get to Roadhouse for darts. We play the Pub Missiles? Fun fun fun #

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