Video on Windows a PITA

Vox imports from Youtube. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get it into Youtube.

Youtube only accepts video files smaller than 100MB. Since 2 were larger, I looked at Windows Movie Maker yet again. Yet again I was unable to figure out how to cut the video so it was less than 100MB. It only lets you link clips together and place transitions. WMM will only save the project, so I can import various formats but not convert to another format. Useless for my purposes.

My Canon Elph can edit the time of the videos I take… WTH cannot Windows Media Maker? I really don't want to go buying software, because I'd really have to get into capturing more video to make it worth the price. Maybe I should have put them back on the camera?

I have changed the camera's settings so its not recording at 640 resolution and 30 frames per second. Maybe it won't be a future issue?

Fortunately the Google Video desktop upload tool will accept video larger than 100MB.

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