Completely Unpredictable Future

I ran across one of my old blog posts on why I would stay in V-town. Almost 4 years later I left there. The new here does have an art museum and better bars, but its missing all the other things I described loving to have nearby.

Here is a new list

  1. Field Museum  (okay technically there is a Museum of Natural History here but it doesn't have a collection. WTF?)
  2. Technology Museum
  3. Art Museum
  4. Nice parks
  5. Nearby State Parks
  6. Good book stores
  7. Good restaurants
  8. University

If you had asked me 3 ago years if I would like to live here, then I would have said, "Sure. Its okay." If you had suggested that I actually would live here and work for the people I do now, then I would have laughed at you. I was just getting to know them.

Here is a prediction: In three years, I'll still be living here (give a 10% shot at in the same apartment). I'm not sure about in the same job. I will still be thinking I should go to grad school but not having done anything to actually do it. I'll still be single.

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  1. bernie Avatar

    Uncertainty. I find myself plagued by it. For me, the most difficult part is making decisions and implementing follow though. I’m torn between staying with what’s familiar and pursing what I think I want, and those things are always in flux for me. What I find even more distressing is that I have no doubt that I can attain some of the things I want (if I just do it), but I’m doubtful about the things that I might want the most but have no control over. Sigh.

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