Sony Malware

Buying CDs seems really scary these days….

The complaint alleges that XCP violates a number of Italy’s computer security laws by causing damage to users’ systems and by acting in the same way as malicious software, according to Andrea Monti, chair of the ALCEI-EFI. “What Sony did qualifies as a criminal offense under Italian law,” he said.
Police Called In To Investigate Sony

Why would I want to buy something that is going to mess up my computer? It sounds easier to just not buy any CDs at all than to figure out which ones are good and which ones are bad. My computers are my only CD players. So if I cannot trust putting audio CDs in them, then there is no reason to buy CDs.

It sounds like my decision to go to iTunes was a good one. At least there I can burn them to a non-destructive audio CD at some point.

My friends out there who have purchased CDs recently may wish to check that their anti-spyware software will check for this and possibly remove it. They should also seek out the fix on the Sony web site.

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