A Reason Not To Write Long Books

So iTunes has Audiobooks of The Song of Ice and Fire Series. How long does it take to read George to read them?

  • A Game of Thrones – 33h 45m
  • A Clash of Kings – 37h 13m
  • A Storm of Swords – unavailable

Based on my calculations, it should take about 2 min per page. So it would be about 43 hours to read 1216 pages. Ummmmmmmmmmm…. 33 + 37 + 43 = 113 hours to read the 3 books which are out now.

Only 7 days to listen all (assuming 8 hours of sleep and the 3rd one exists).



Now I understand why George did not read the 3rd one. He had already recorded 70 hours of reading. Yeah……… Wow.

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