When I go shopping, I occasionally run into people I know. Yesterday, it took me 30 minutes to do what should have taken me only 5-10.

I saw Meredith from high school debate. A co-worker who meant to ask me about something cornered me to let me know she wanted to ask me about it. Finally, I ran into Mike who I used to work at a bookstore where I was a frequent customer.

Frequent may be too light a word. Their reward program gave you 10% off and $5 gift for ever $100 you spent. I would get 5-7 of them a year in high school and college.

Later, Mike became a techie about the same time I did. He value of doing the work because you love it, expresses my exact same sentiment. We are both concerned about the IT industries becoming dominated by people who only want to do it because they can get a fat pay check. Besides, those people cannot become plumbers or car mechanics because it is too complicated.


Yeah, I need to go to graduate school. It will give me something different about which to think.

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