Another Great Social Engineering Email

Do not download music files:

Does your computer seem to be running slower than usual? Well, if you’ve downloaded any music, movie clips, or games in the past 2 months, then your computer may be infected with “AdWare” and “SpyWare”!

Advertisers use downloadable music as a vehicle to “legally” add “SpyWare” and “AdWare” to consumer PCs. If you’re suspicious that Internet Advertisers have added “AdWare” or “SpyWare” to your computer, then here’s your chance to scan your computer at no charge.

Scan here. It wont cost you a cent:

“AdWare” and “SpyWare” infections can cause your computer to freeze up, or even crash your hard drive. Your computer was very expensive, so scan your system today. It wont cost you a dime.

Press Here To Begin Scan

Just how do you know this person is not someone else looking to scam you. So many people end up with spyware by installing anti-spyware programs. Why? All it takes is some willingness to seek out trusted individuals to make the knowledgable choice.

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