FCC Relaxes


Seems to me that the last vote by the FCC vote on relaxing the rules to control how media companies can own so much was pretty much ignored by the news media. This next one probably will be as well. NPR, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal will probably cover it a little. Can’t really see the major news pieces spending much time on it unless there is really nothing else.

In [Barry Diller’s] view, this concentration of power explains much that has gone awry in our culture, from the decline of TV news to “why movies are bad.” They’re bad, he says, because they are now “20 rings of power removed” from the top decision makers of these vast companies. “No one cares about them,” he says. “They are just commodities to deliver returns.” (NYTimes – alt)

Returns == our money.

I could have sworn the FCC was created to keep media companies from getting too big. In my opinion, they are too big. That means the FCC is not doing its job.

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