OCD; LAN Party

I’ve noticed that I frequently write responses to emails solely for my own benefit. The email was never really meant to be sent. However, opinions need to be developed, even scathy and rude ones. By writing the response, I am putting all my thoughts and feelings and ventings into words.

Thankfully, I also have the courtesy to edit myself and not embarass myself.

Is it normal to be self-critical like this? Probably not. Yet, this mistrust of my decisions and looking for better ways to do things is how I become good at what I do. I check and recheck figures and statuses. I assume that any problems are something I created and work to figure out what I may have done which often leads to evidence of the real cause.

Some might call this obessive-compulsive behavior. They might be right….

Been a long day.

LAN Party this weekend! W00t!!

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