Have this survey that I thought I would have finished completing the online version last week. Still stuck on parts of it. Have a ton of other things that I feel should have already been completed.

Maybe one of these days, I will get all of this stuff done? Nah.

Played pool last night. Finally caught up with Sarah and arranged to go to this place I used to be found up to 4 nights a week. Wait… more like up to 6 days a week. There was a period of about a month, my friends and I were in there every day the place was open.

As I used to be a long time ago, my playing was very inconsistent. Towards the end of the night with there being most of the balls on the table, I would make these impressive shots. Then, after my fourth or fifth ball in a row, I would miss. I would not hit much of anything the rest of the game.

At the beginning of the night, I could not hit a thing. Just felt like I had forgotten more than I ever knew. Eventually the ability to pull of these weird, amazing shots came back. Unlike the old days, I could not really manage simple, basic shots.

A cross-cut bank back up 90% of othe table I can do. A 2 foot straight shot into the pocket, I can’t do. WTF?

Uplink to the system core router is down again. Guess this post will have to say here until it gets fixed again. The core router is in a city 4 hours away. Our uplink goes to another city 1.5 hours away. The techs had to drive down to fix the uplink. It was working 2 hours ago. Now it is not? Hope they have not left…

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