St. Andrews’ Cross

Feel like I need to expound upon the last post. I find the St. Andrews’ cross in the Confederate flag offensive.

Here is why I find the flag offensive:

  1. The hippocracy I have found in the reasoning of most supporters I have met. Supposedly their desire to support keeping the flag is based on preserving their history, yet they (except for only 2 I have met) have all been ignorant about the history. Not knowing simple facts about the Civil War or the pre-Civil War South: years the CW occured, major figures involved and locations of events. They do not even know when the flag they love so much was created or adopted! They have seen Gone With The Wind and like the South it represents, not the South that really existed.
  2. That the people who support the flag do not seem to know which flag they are flying or know of more than the 1 flag. Most instances of people flying Confederate flags think they are flying the Battle or National flag. In most cases, they are flying the Naval Jack instead and are completely unaware of the distinction.
  3. A–holes who were really upset that I even existed (because my father is black and my mother is white and creating me is an anathema) tried to terrorize me in school.

Sorry there are no lofty ideals on racism, slavery, etc. Here are misconceptions to why I might find it offensive:

  1. The Confederacy enslaved blacks. I believe the historical record that indicates blacks were slaves (yeah, people do dispute this fact on occasion). However, I believe whether or not they were is immaterial. Mistreatment of anyone is really bad, but what really matters is the here and now. History is useful for finding mistakes of the past and correcting them. Too much dwelling on a bad past only brings resentment. What does matter is that here, today, we must create a society that does not step on the rights, freedoms, and opportunities of others.
  2. The Ku Klux Klan supports it. The klan is irrelevant to me. They are a waning institution in the south that has to hide from society because society finds them offensive. Back when they could operate in the open, they were a threat to society’s progress. Now that society has rejected it, the klan can remain in hiding for all I care. I’ve yet to see an openly identified klan member on TV or on paper argue for the Georgia flag. Burning crosses, I do find offensive. Burning an American flag is seen as desecrating it. Why is burning a cross any different?

Preserved Comments:

  • 3/13/2003 10:55 AM Nessie: I agree on your points about the flag, yet, shouldn’t you go even further back to what St Andrews cross really means? I don’t think it would mean anything related to racism and the Klan.

    Nonetheless, the ignorance of people about their own history is definitely a reason why they should not have an opinion.

    As for burning the cross, it is offensive to me as well, but i realize that maybe those people do not respect the same things i do. Religiously speaking i mean. Because the cross for me, is a religious symbol, therefore, one i revere with respect. But yet, there are many cultures that do not care for my religious belief nor do they have a cross in theirs…Don’t know if it helped.

    Take care 🙂

  • 3/13/2003 9:43 AM by OEnone : Burning a flag in an offensive, anger filled way desecrates it.  A flag, torn, and “damaged”, is supposed to be burned as a proper way to “burry” it.  The only difference is the mindset of the people burning the flag.

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