New WebCT upgrade currently being tested

Here is an article on a WebCT upgrade for which I was interviewed for the Spectator, the university student news paper.

Mirabai Oyao

WebCT now has an upgrade available and VSU expects it to start operating after graduation in December.

“In the past we have been hesitant about upgrading our [VSU’s] system because we [the University] couldn’t afford it,” Ezra Freelove, webmaster, said.

The University System of Georgia bought the licensing from WebCT earlier this year, and has arranged to buy licenses that will cover the entire university system. As a result, VSU is now able to deal with finances through USG directly, rather than paying WebCT. This purchase was a determining factor that made the upgrade of WebCT possible.

The current 3.6 version of WebCT and the new 3.8 version of WebCT are being used simultaneously by VSU faculty in a trial run this semester.

“So far so good,” Freelove said in regard to the new 3.8 version of WebCT. “The new version will be a great improvement and definitely simplify the use of it.”

The new WebCT browser looks the same as far as graphics are concerned, but the new features in the 3.8 version are designed to make the administration of the server a lot easier. The new browser strives to enhance the faculty’s ability to upload files more readily through WebDAV, a system within WebCT. The new system will also support multiple terms that can list courses defined in all semesters.

Advancements beyond this upgrade will be the introduction of an entirely different system called Vista, which is anticipated to improve the use of online course work as well as establish an even more cohesive administration. Vista is expected to be operating as VSU’s primary online course system by fall semester 2003.

Wow, we did not actually go live with Vista until spring 2005.


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