Unspoiled, Available, and Eager

Sorry… just got up off the floor from laughing so hard.

Got this in an email:

“Explore the world of beautiful Russian woman

Browse FREE PICTURES submitted by Lovely young Russian women seeking love and a better life.

Everything you’ve dreamed of Unspoiled, Available, and Eager. Think of the world through the eyes of beautiful young Russian women with few prospects in their homeland. They’re eager to meet and marry the regular, hardworking guys they’ve seen on TV and in the movies.  And they’re just as eager to be loving, devoted companions, free of the attitudes and neuroses of typical American girls.

Post a FREE ad — then see the girls who write to you.”

This is so lame. Probably lots of guys who will at least go look?








3 responses to “Unspoiled, Available, and Eager”

  1. memory Avatar

    I actually know of a guy in Ontario who married one of these women.



    1. AlanaNightingale Avatar

      memory, that is scary

  2. OEnone Avatar

    It sounds very lame. I hate the “find a love life” crap.

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