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My boss found a neat trick… Passport users can save their Office XP docs to their own web space. One of the “Save As” options is My Network Places which has My Web Sites on MSN. From there you can save it to any of your groups on MSN or your personal My Web Documents there.

The only drawback I see is that you must have a Win 2000, ME, or XP machine available to reach your documents.

Unfortunately there is not a URL for this… in the mag… 🙁

The reprint: “All Office applications can now store online at a storage site on MSN, which requires a free Passport account. From any Office application, click File > Save As, then click either Web Folders for Windows 98/ME users My Netork Places for for Windows 2000/XP users. Choose My Web Sites on MSN, log in with your Passport ID and password, and click OK. Office creates your storage site the firt time you use the feature, after which the site appears in the Save As dialog as a folder named after your Passport ID.” July 2002 Computer Shopper, p. 111.


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