MS Includes Sun Java


M$ is caving on one of their monopolistic behaviors: allowing their Java Virtual Machine to be implemented in Windows XP as something other than a plug-in the user has to locate and isntall.

Why is it that features Microsoft wants included cannot be sumamrily ripped from the Windows operating system? Yet features they do not want can be ripped out? Microsoft to Include Java in Windows XP

What was ISS thinking? Give your data and concerns to the creator of the software and sit on your hands for a month except to send inquiries as to whether the company acknowledges the problem. See if they will release a patch. Problem is ISS released their own patch which does not work! Security flaw exposes holes in government-backed alert system


No, it will not stop… Sharon cannot see a Palestinian state being any good because there are too many Arabs near Jerusalem. The Arabs in the Middle East cannot see anything less that Arab control of Jerusalem because theare are too many Jews near Jerusalem. Bush’s Mideast peace plan under fire


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