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Bike Trail

Work Saturday morning was not terrible. I hear we were complimented. Noticed I had a tendency to cradle my hands in front of me. Think that is a weird nervous habit.

Went driving yesterday afternoon. Followed this “bike trail” for 75 miles. Figure it must go across the state along some of the most backwater places. I never use the highway it followed because it is longer to the town where I turned around than the route I used to come home. 75 miles vs. 63. If I were a superspeeder and attempting to outwit police, then I prolly could hit 100+ on that road and no one be the wiser.

It was a nice sunny day yesterday. Like just about every day. The people reporting on the weather were indicating the drought was lifting this winter cause we got a little more rain. Yet for the past month we’ve gotten what… 3-4 inches of rain? When it does rain it rains 2+ inches at a time so most of that runs off to the gulf rather than soaking into the soil. We have been under water restrictions for the past 3 years and people still do not understand them. Think using odd and even numbers in people’s addresses is too challenging. Don’t let them water their yards.

You only get the dress? Pfffft…. Yahoo! News – Lara Croft Outfit Auctioned Online for Charity

So Clinton was not the only waffle… BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Bush ‘still undecided’ on Iraq

Turkey wants the job, huh? Let ’em go for it. The former custodians of the Ottoman Empire finally get on the international scene. CNN.com – Turkey to head Afghanistan force – April 29, 2002





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  1. Marzy Avatar

    So did you bid?

  2. mental-knife Avatar

    “Turkey to head Afghanistan force” sounds like a headline from The Onion. Heheh.

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