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SunBlade 100

My new second workstation is a SunBlade 100. It replaces a Sun Ultra 10 that died on me. I am excited!

Turned down the 18.1″ LCD monitor though. I like my 21″ beast.

A friend got her a new job. Excited for her.

Waiting for patches to complete on my new Sun. Going to install Apache 2.0 beta and FrontPage Extensions. This is my R&D machine so I’ve gotta start with where we might go with our web server.







2 responses to “SunBlade 100”

  1. Marzy Avatar

    I’m very attached to a 21″ monitor too. So long as I never have to pick it up or move it.

    Yay! so fun getting everything set up. One of these days I gotta wipe my machine clean and start again. I’ve installed/deleted so many things its all fouled up now. We’ve had the machine for a long, long time.

  2. joyfulgurrrl Avatar

    *cough* And to think I’m considering putting XP on my machine. *sigh*…

    I need to learn Linux.


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