Unfair Opt-out Policy

An Unfair opt-out policy makes strike 2 for Yahoo. Actually, I would like to count removing the free POP email access as 3 strikes.

If they had asked would I be willing to pay for POPping my email, then they would have learned that am I not. No one I have discussed this with seems willing to pay for it. I wonder how they will make any money by removing the free access?

The real strike 3 is how they track their users (obviously to sell to other companies). Strike 4 is that you cannot kill an account through Yahoo. At best I could just leave it subscribed to some lists for a month and collect 6MB of email a week.

How is it that I missed that Yahoo was capable of this? Doubleclick has been on my blacklist for years for this kind of behavior. Now I will have to shed myself of Yahoo.


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