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This week

It really gets to me when I walk into a store and ask for something and get “We will get some this week”. So I come back in 5 days and get “we will get some sometime soon”. So I ask, when exactly? Her response is this week. So I come back in 4 days. Nothing there.

Me: “When will you get them?”
Her: “This week.”
Me: “That’s what you said 4 days ago. Did you get them?”
Her: “They should be in this week.”
Me: “Okay.”

That last means, I really should make a more concerted effort to locate it somewhere else.

What’s up with a 2 liter bottle of coke being costs the same as a 20 oz bottle of coke. And a 1 liter bottle is more than both.

<moonshine> if nums != 2 then kick annons ass

An oldie, but goodie… weeee!!

About.com’s Top 10 Net Hoaxes/Urban Legends of 2001




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