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Got the Macadoo picture for Mac. Will drop the film off for developing this afternoon. Have to pick up the roll from last week.

Why is it that the cover artist is so difficult to find on a book? You have to know to flip inside the cover and scan the credits page to even have a possibility of locating the artist. How many sales of books are based upon the cover art? Maybe I am just the freak of sci-fi and fantasy readers? Books by authors I know and like draw my attention first. Books with cool cover art draw me next. Finally books with interesting titles draw me next. This looking at cover art works for me. It is how I have found some of my favorite authors: George R. R. Martin (whom I can’t seem to get enough of) and Raymond E. Feist. I also found a few flops like Stephen Lawhead. Of course, I never just buy the book based on the cover art, but it gave me that first look. Kind of like meeting women anywhere. Guys notice the pretty ones first, then make the effort to talk to them. Would that mean that when I can’t locate a good book I and start looking at just titles that I am “settling”?

OEnone is working on her site. It has the under construction sign up.

How do you contact someone who does not have any contact info on their pita to let them know that they can make use the <pre> tag to easily add those line breaks?




SirCam is ready to get you. Are you prepared? Should I email again the people that are sending me SirCam?


Suitably Halloweenist color change to the layout, I think. The great thing is that it can last through Thanksgiving… 🙂


If things seem scattered, then just remember that a simple description of Ezra-style surfing is having at least 10 windows open. If the number of windows falls below that, then more must be opened.

Wanna know more about Afghanistan? Afghanistan, on 50 Websites a Day

Whipped up a new banner image with MS PhotoDraw. Not nearly as painful as I expected it to be (especially being a hardcore Photoshop user). Image is a cropped desktop wallpaper

Whodda thunk I am a back-to-basics kinda guy? Get your own cheese profile!

My mom is always saying that she can never find pictures of me. Thought maybe Is This You? might have one that was somehow lost in the UK. Guess not. Durn.

Okay, I think that is enough tweeking. Besides, I need to grub.

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