Feel very privileged sometimes. Matters of crushing weight have never really bogged down my life. Death, economics, misuse… these are all things I have been able to abstract because their impact have never really been much of a factor in my life.

For instance, with death, out of all the people I know well, only 2 have died in my life. Both were great aunts. All of my grandparents and great-grandparents except one were dead before I was even born.

I grew up in a pretty-much middle class neighborhood. No meals were missed because my parents had to make a choice between having a house or feeding me. Toys and books were a given to me and I had probably too much of both.

I used to find it ironic that friends would come to me for relationship advice. At some point I realized that my friends kinda KNEW what it was that they were supposed to do but needed someone to tell them to do it. So the question is “Does one need to have faced adversity and won to give advice?” Think the signs point to yes on this one.

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